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Monday, February 10, 2014

Current Face Routine: What I use daily for clear skin--how I keep my skin so clear!

We all want clear, pimple-free skin, but struggle with how to get it. My routine is good for both oily skin and mildly dry skin, because I have dry skin in winter (ew, tightness and flaking) and oily skin in summer (makeup staying on my face? ha, no, slides right off).

How often I wash my face: I'm not acne prone, so once every night is enough for me.
What I use: Philosophy Purity which has salycilic acid to keep germs at bay and pimples away, and it's just enough to get the extra oil off my face without drying me out and making me produce more oil (even though salyclic acid can be harsh for people with sensitive or dry skin, I find Philosophy purity to be gentle enough for my skin, proceed with caution if you're sensitive or dry)

Do I use toner? No, I was using Sea Breeze (the sensitive kind aka the blue one) for a while whenever my skin felt dirty, but it got too drying (winter air, yuck) so I stopped.

Clarisonic? Heck yes, I love my Clarisonic Mia. I use it at least once a week.
How to use: take off all your makeup before you use your Clarisonic. I know you want to scrub your makeup off with your Clarisonic, but angel face, you're just grinding it into your skin if you do. Wipe all your makeup off, use light pressure (read: barely touch it to your face), a gentle face wash that doesn't have a lot of fragrances or irritants, and only use one cycle. Don't press the button a second time. I know the vibration is relaxing and feels good, I'd Clarisonic my face off if I could, but a second cycle isn't getting your face any cleaner, it's just irritating your skin. Let the brush do the work for you, and enjoy your 60 seconds of bliss. I bought my Mia from Sephora. Yes, I got the pink one.

Serum? Yaaaas, boo. I use Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Serum every night (I really don't need to, but I like the extra moisture and the glow it gives my skin) I'm a loyal Nordstrom customer, but you can get this serum at just about any department store.

Moisturiser? Always. Even with oily skin, it's important to moisturize your face. I use DDF's Ultra-Lite Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew (Sephora stopped carrying DDF, but you can still purchase it at Ulta here)

Masks? I use a green clay mask about once every two weeks, especially if I'm breaking out.

How I take off my makeup:

Face Makeup Remover: I just use whatever cheap makeup wipes I can get my hands on, preferably ones that say gentle or sensitive, it doesn't really matter to me because I wash my face right afterwards anyway.

Eye Makeup Remover: I use Clinique's Naturally Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. I am in love with this eye makeup remover because it's a cream not a liquid. I have very sensitive eyes, and this doesn't irritate my eyes or the skin around them and it also doesn't run into my eyes and burn because it's a cream not a liquid. Ugh, so in love with it.

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Narcissism? Maybe...Narsissist? Yes! My new favorite Nars lipstick from Sephora!

As usual with any trip to Sephora, I've added a new lipstick to my collection! A beautiful light pink shade, my new favorite is Nars Roman Holiday! I'm absolutely in love with the packaging of Nars simple, but so chic! I like the plain black packaging because it proves that the lipstick sells itself and there's no need for pushy advertising.
Nars Roman Holiday
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Steve Madden Spycee without the prycee: cheap dupe alert; plus, get half off designer shoes!

Have you been eyeing gorgeous Steve Madden Spycee heels for a while, but avoiding the checkout button because of the price? UrbanOG is currently carrying the Delicious Liso-S Suede Strappy Open Toe Platform Heel, a super similar shoe! The Liso-S comes in Lipstick (red), Light Hazelnut, and Navy, and is almost identical to the beloved Steve Madden Spycee. Here's a side by side comparison:
Delicious Liso-S in Lipstick
Steve Madden Spycee in Black

As you can see, they're almost the exact same shape. The best part about the Liso-S is that they're only $24.70 on UrbanOG! The Steve Madden Spycee goes for $109  $49.99 as it is currently on sale! Still, the Liso-S is half the price of the Spycee, even though the Spycee is currently half off its original price of over $100. Get them while they're cheap:

Buy the Steve Madden Sypcee here
Buy the Delicious Liso-S here

EDIT: For my animal lovers, the Liso-S are faux suede (man-made), so they're safe for you to buy.

Already own either of these shoes? Planning to buy them in the future? Tell me about it in a comment below!
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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How to: Get More Followers And Likes On Instagram, 10 Tips To Get More Instagram Likes

So you're new to instagram, or maybe you've had it for a while and it's been sitting unused in your phone because your account just isn't taking off? I'm going to teach you some tips and tricks for getting more instagram followers and more instagram likes on your pictures.

Tip #1: Give love, get love.
One of the best ways to get your account name out there is by following other people and liking their photos. They might follow you or like your instagram pictures back, and if they follow you, your account has more visibility because all of their followers can see that they follow you.

Tip #2: What's in a name?
Well, a lot of things are in your name on instagram. Pick a good instagram username. Good instagram usernames are short, easy to remember, and not difficult to spell or type. Try not to use a lot of numbers, and don't use zeros in place of o's in your instagram username. Also, don't put extra or duplicate letters in your instagram username, these make it harder to remember and share.
Some examples of good instagram usernames:
natgeo (National Geographic)
s5a (Sak's Fifth Avenue)

Some examples of bad instagram usernames:
1L0v3y0u get the point.
Pick an instagram username that is clear, concise, and mostly letters, with no extra letters or numbers.

Tip #3: Explore.
Use the explore tab to find new people to follow and like their pictures. The star is the explore tab, and it takes you to the popular page. The pictures appearing on the popular page generally have at least 1000 likes and many of the people whose pictures appear there have hundreds of thousands of followers. These would be good people to follow and like their pictures to get your name around instagram.

Tip #4: Follow instagram on instagram.
Instagram has over a million followers, and by following them, you're making yourself very visible and you're likely to get more instagram followers.

Tip #5: Post worthwhile content.
This is probably the most important tip to get followers who will stay following you for a long time and actively like your photos and interact with your account. Post only your best instagram pictures and make sure that they aren't blurry. It's preferable that you take your instagram pictures with a real camera and not a camera phone, especially if you have a dslr.

Tip #6: Use instagram online.
Instagram has many online apps, many of which allow you to track your instagram stats.
Some online instagram sites I like are:
Statigram ( and

Tip #7: Hashtag your content.
This is one of the easiest ways to get more likes on instagram. Hashtag your content with relevant popular tags, and tags that pertain to your photo. If you post a picture of skittles, some good hashtags would be #skittles #colorful #rainbow
The tags girl, me, and sexy would not help a photo of skittles get more likes.

Tip #8: Follow your favorite stores, brands, and people!
By following accounts you like, you not only gain instagram visibility, but you get to see content from your favorite people! Often times, you will gain followers with common interests, which is a great way to make a new friend!

Tip #9: Keep track of popular tags.
By knowing what tags and types of images are popular, you can post images that will get more likes, and often times get you more followers!

Tip #10: DO NOT buy followers, likes, or instagram "managers."
Buying followers and buying likes are often times a scam, and just not worth it. Do not give your instagram password to anyone but instagram, and do not let any instagram manager talk you into paying for a promotion. We want to keep instagram safe and fun for all the people on it.

I hope you found these tips helpful, they've worked for me!

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Monday, November 25, 2013

I'm so excited for Christmas!

I'm going out to get a ton of Dior, Nars, Chanel, and YSL lipsticks, I'll be posting a huge review soon! xoxo
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Saturday, November 23, 2013

I've got stage fright!

I want to start filming and uploading youtube videos, but I'm nervous!!
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Acrylic vs. Natural Nails

We've all been there...frustrated with the weakness of your natural nails; the amount of breaking, tearing, peeling and flaking, you sit around and consider getting acrylic nails. Are acrylic nails the right choice for you? Acrylic nails have their perks, but depending on your personal preferences, they may not be worth it.

Perks of Acrylic Nails:
-Acrylic nails add a layer of acrylic over your natural nail, adding a large amount of strength and thickness. I tend to grow my acrylic nails very long and end up using them for tasks.
-You can get nail tips applied under your acrylics, allowing you to get whatever shape and length you want.
-Your nails will rarely break.

The downside: :(
-The fumes and dust from acrylic nails being applied are harmful, that's why nail techs wear masks while applying them (eep.)
-If the technician uses a drill (which is basically an industry standard in this day and age) your natural nails will be practically wrecked underneath. Drills take off a lot of layers of your natural nail, making them much thinner.
-Even though nails are glued on, they can still pop off or break. Trust me, that's not fun. When a nail pops off, it also takes the thin layer of the nail it's glued onto with it.
-They're a complete pain to get off if you decide they're not for you. There are three ways to get acrylic nails off: at many less professional salons, the nail technician will use a tool to pop them off, which hurts and ruins the nail underneath, the nail technician will soak your fingers in acetone, which dries out your nails and fingers, still causing dryness to your natural nail, and then they scrape the acetone-acrylic goo off your nail, or you can wait for them to grow (or break or pop) off your nails which I am currently in the process of. Growing off your acrylic nails leaves you with the best condition of nails afterward, but takes months.
-Acrylic nails are more expensive and take longer than a traditional manicure.
-Your nails look bad when the acrylic grows out and you haven't gone to the salon to get them filled in.
Even once you've had acrylics applied, my nail technicians have recommended I take breaks with no acrylic nails or get a new set every six months, and while I've had fun with my acrylics and gotten a lot of attention for my mile long nails, I'm growing my nails back to natural and I plan to switch over to gel nail polish.

If you decide to get acrylic nails, I recommend telling your technician to use a buffer instead of a drill, but I don't like my nails buffed at all, and your technician probably won't be very pleased.
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